Heritage Eye’s New Baby!

By December 22, 2009Blog, Latest Heritage News

Imagine the smallest car you’ve ever seen – then shrink it down by 50% and you’ll have a good idea what size our new company car is!  It’s our Baby Smart Car!  If you’ve never seen one, you have to come and see ours.  It is so small that you can parallel park sideways!  It is so cute and rather funny.  What’s even funnier is seeing Dr. Miselis driving it!  He is maybe 6’4” and looks like he wouldn’t even fit but does and he loves it.

We may have had a little more to do with the design on the car than Dr. did.  But what else is new!  He’s definitely outnumbered here.  Sixteen girls to one guy…not a chance!  So, needless to say, the car has flowers all over it along with girlie eyelashes on the headlights.  The flowers won over Dr.’s choice of racing stripes!!!

So if you see us out and about in our new Baby Smart Car, be sure to honk and wave!

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