Just because Heritage use the latest in technology for your tattoo removal in Stockton, CA, it doesn’t mean that we can’t offer the procedure at a value. Revitalize your skin without emptying your bank account.

Prices for tattoo removal vary and are determined based on the size of the tattoo as well as the difficulty of the removal. We believe in being completely transparent with our patients, so all of this will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. That way you know what to expect and never have to worry about getting any  unexpected costs or surprises. Obviously, the more ink in the tattoo, the higher the density, the more cost will be involved.

One thing to consider is that since you’re utilizing the Enlighten laser, you won’t have to endure as many visits as you would with less powerful lasers. This saves you on cost in the long run. We are always conscious of the fact that you are spending your hard earned money here. We will always keep the budget as low as we are able.

You can pay as you go per visit, or you can buy your treatment in packaged bundles, based on how many procedures you require. Discounts are available when purchasing these packaged bundles. All major methods of payment are accepted, whether it be cash, credit or debit card. Financing is also available through Care Credit.

Your tattoo removal procedure should be thought of as an investment – an investment in your happiness and confidence. Feel great and look great. Give yourself a new beginning with Heritage Tattoo Removal Center today. Call now to set up your comprehensive and complimentary consultation.