My Custom LASIK Pre-Op

By December 22, 2009Blog, Community Outreach, Eye Care

Wow…it’s really happening…reality has finally hit, I’ll be having LASIK in just two more days.  And today is my LASIK pre-op.  The morning of the pre-op you’re not supposed to read anything up close because it changes the shape of the cornea.  It wasn’t too hard not reading anything up close.  First I met with the LASIK Techs for some testing and measurements, then I met with Dr. Richards, and then Dr. Miselis.

Techs:  During the pre-op the techs (ophthalmic technicians) were so great and it was a really good experience.  They were so nice and explained everything they were doing with me.  And even though I’m also a tech, it’s just different when you’re on the other side – as the patient.  They assured me that everything would be fine.

Dr. Richards: Dr. Richards, one of the Optometrists at Heritage, was really nice, she explained why she was doing each test, and was very detailed.

Dr. Miselis: Dr Miselis was very nice.  He told me what to expect during and after the LASIK procedure, and was very reassuring.