Remove Unwanted or Unsightly Tattoos

We are excited to announce our services for tattoo removal in Stockton, CA. There can be a multitude of reasons why patients walk through our doors looking to move on from tattoos they’re no longer interested in keeping. Heritage Tattoo Removal Center is here to help.

A tattoo is a decision that for some people lasts a lifetime. Even in the face of the given gravity of this kind of choice, people will often get a tattoo in a spur of the moment decision. Sometimes people can look fondly upon their body art in remembrance of memories long passed, carrying the piece on their person for the rest of their lives. However, for some, a tattoo can get old. In some cases an unwanted tattoo can get old really fast.

You could have a tattoo of the logo of a sports team you no longer like. Maybe you have a tattoo of a motto or slogan that you no longer see eye to eye with, or lyrics to a song you’ve graduated from years ago. Maybe it’s the name of somebody you might not like to be constantly reminded of. An unwanted tattoo can serve as a distraction. Even if it’s in a place that people in your life can’t see, you do.

The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Our team utilizes cutting edge, non-invasive Cutera Enlighten technology that works to break up ink pigment deep within your skin. When the laser meets your tattoo, these pigments of ink are broken up into smaller particles. After multiple treatment sessions, the particles become so small that they are purged from your body by your own immune system.

Number of Treatments Needed

This depends on a variety of factors. The size, shape, and color scheme of the tattoo comes into consideration in factoring how many visits you will need in order to remove your tattoo. A typical treatment will be multiple sessions spaced out at 6-8 week intervals. The great news is that the Enlighten™ laser removes tattoo ink at a much faster rate than other current laser technologies can and can be used for all colors.

Call us for your initial complimentary consultation today. You’ll feel better about things the minute you walk through our door. We’ll work with you to come up with the most effective treatment plan. We’re excited to have a hand in your forward progress. Get rid of your unwanted tattoos with Heritage.