Tattoo Removal Stockton

Heritage Tattoo Removal Center is proud to be a formidable force in the field of tattoo removal Stockton. No matter what the scale or scope of the procedure, no matter the dexterity necessary to achieve optimum results, we are equipped to handle any situation. Our Heritage Tattoo Removal Center is located within Heritage Eye, Skin & Laser Center. Call 209.337.7546 to schedule a consultation.

Tattoo Removal

Our team utilizes cutting edge, non-invasive Cutera Enlighten technology that works to break up ink pigment deep within your skin.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

Visit our FAQ to see the most common questions we get regarding tattoo removal.

Pigmented Lesions

You can remove unwanted sun spots, freckles, birthmarks and everything in between and return to your normal daily activities.

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Heritage Tattoo Removal Center specializes in skin rejuvenation procedures in Stockton, CA. We take great pride in providing our services  to our community. Instead of taking a clinical approach to aesthetic enhancement and skin rejuvenation, we adopt a more personalized mode of dealing with our valued patients. We work closely with each unique individual, assessing their needs and formulating a positive  plan of action to produce the desired results.

We’re here to help. If you have an unwanted tattoo that you’re anxious to move on from, there are options for you. We all make spur of the moment decisions. We all have the capacity to fall out of love with things, and the same is true for body art. Heritage Tattoo Removal Center can help you move forward with your life, refreshed and renewed. Of course, maybe you love your tattoo and would simply like to upgrade or revise it. We can help with this, too.

In the past, a tattoo was seen as a mark of extreme permanence. Older tattoo removal procedures with questionable levels of effectiveness would often take years and multiple treatments. These costly, painful procedures weren’t even successful in many cases. Many treatments and dollars later, a patient might still have the remnants of a tattoo that they have to look at and live with.

Thankfully, laser technology has made leaps and bounds in advancement over the years. You don’t have to settle for outdated and hardly-effective treatments for your tattoo removal in Stockton, CA. We utilize cutting edge technology, putting the Cutera Enlighten™ laser to work for you. We won’t be satisfied until your tattoo is removed, freeing you from the distraction of a tattoo you’ve grown apart from. Call today for your complimentary consultation and we’ll chart a course for your tattoo removal procedure. We are excited about the future and you should be, too.